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iWish: I bought the $90

Published on 30 Aug 2023 / In

Timestamps are integrated into the video for each segment.
Back to the regular Android device review so I test a whole lot of stuff on this plus the general rambling so if you need to skip through, feel free to use them :)

Greetings and welcome to another installment in the iWish series, a series in which I purchase various questionable products to see if they are any good...most of the time they are not but I buy this stuff so you don't have to!
Once again, you folks were generous enough to donate towards seeing these AliExpress items! This is the last review in the 4 planned reviews and I hope I have delivered for you all.

On stream we found JASON. We have had an encounter with SUSAN (and other weird brand names) but JASON has we were interested to see if Jason has skills.

I won't spoil much here, so grab yourself a drink and a snack and enjoy having an exciting look at Jason which that sounds so weird but sure thing.

CPU System Info:
Device Info HW:
Geekbench 5:

System files from the JASON Phone are here:
(I'll delete the Mega folder once everything is on the Internet Archive)

Introduction, Thanking folks, disclaimers etc: 0:00
Listing & Current Pricing: 1:41
Unpackaging & The Box: 2:51
Unboxing: 4:17
Around JASON: 5:31
Power On, Shortcuts, UI & Display Quality: 7:32
Buttons, Wallpapers, Networks & NFC: 9:13
Mobile Network & SD Card Issues: 10:20
System Apps, Sounds, Storage & Charging Speed: 13:25
Memory, Security, WiFi is weird, About Phone & IMEI Mismatch: 14:52
The Camera: 16:45
Camera Test - Photos: 18:45
Camera Test - Videos: 20:27
Camera Quality & The Modes that don't work: 24:58
The Many Issues with Jason: 26:21
The Buttons don't work & Battery Life: 27:59
Browser Test: 29:04
File Manager & FM Radio: 30:12
Speaker Test: 31:22
YouTube Test: 32:38
Geekbench, Reflecting on the issues & Rambling: 33:48
Gaming Test - GTA San Andreas: 35:48
Gaming Test - Ark Survival Evolved: 37:01
Checking the Specs & QuickShortcutMaker: 38:59
Conclusion: 41:06
Teardown & Investigation ft. Dangerman: 42:19
Does it live on, Full Specifications & Those Pins: 47:02
Thanks to folks again, timestamps etc: 48:44
A very thankful and appreciative rambly outro: 50:11

Be good people!
Instagram: s.moorez
Business Stuff:
My second channel that is such a bore:
Mick Gordon - Cultist Base (Doom Eternal Soundtrack)

Speaker Tests:
Mick Gordon - BFG Division (DOOM 2016 Soundtrack)
Domastic - Khalas (NCS Release)

Camera Test Background/iWish Theme:
Andrew & Simon Hale - L.A Noire Main Menu Theme

Video Test:
4K Video In Costa Rica by Jacob + Katie Schwarz
*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.
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